‘My hair is all mine’: How ‘twist’ hair men changed my life

  • September 16, 2021

The sport of hair transplantation, where the head of the donor is transplanted into a patient’s head, has a long history.

But its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, with many surgeons turning to the technique for patients with hair loss or to treat hair infections.

For me, my hair was all mine, and I loved it.

I had to cut it to get to my scalp, and it felt good to cut.

It was a good feeling.

I was in my 30s and my hair had been a source of pain and embarrassment for me since childhood.

I knew I had to give it up, and so I did.

I took the transplant, a hair transplant, and my scalp to the hair transplant centre, and within three weeks, I felt a whole new sense of normalcy.

I remember walking into the clinic one day and seeing a young man with a long curly hair.

He was looking at me, with a smile on his face, and he was smiling for the first time in a long time.

He was so beautiful.

I’d never met him before, but he was a very well-known, well-liked figure in the hair community, and we clicked.

I was so happy.

After a few days, he was back to being the man I knew, and that’s when I knew I could go back to my hair.

And so I gave it up.

I think it’s great to see a change.

People ask me all the time, ‘What about hair transplants?’, and I tell them, ‘They are a big deal’.

But for me, the transplant was the one thing I could never do without.

It was my only option.

I didn’t have any other options.

It changed my entire life.

I could have lost the hair and have no hair at all.

I couldn’t lose my face, my voice, my friends or my family.

I didn’t want to lose my hair at that point.

And it made me a lot more aware of what’s normal and what’s not normal in my life.

The only thing that really changed was the fact that my friends and family were able to talk about my hair and what it was like, and they were accepting of me.

It felt great to be accepted.

It made me feel good about myself.

And now that I have my hair back, I feel like I am a more confident, happy person.

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