Two women charged in hit-and-run crash involving orange hair

  • August 7, 2021

Two women have been charged in the hit- and-run death of a woman whose orange hair was allegedly stolen from her during a robbery in the Bronx last week, authorities said.

Nina Giaffone, 35, and her friend, Ashley Lee Giafone, 21, were arrested Saturday on charges of first-degree murder, criminal possession of a stolen instrument and criminal damage to property.

Nicolette A. Giaaffone, 34, was arrested Monday on charges she stole her hairbrush from her friend and then struck her while she was trying to retrieve it, authorities reported.

How to get $20,000 in Bitcoin in less than 24 hours

  • July 26, 2021

A man claims to have created a bitcoin-powered hair clipper for $20 that works exactly like a hair clippet.

The video above shows a man using the hair cliptest to clipply his hair, using a special piece of hair called a hair gel.

The man claims that the hair gel clippings are just as effective as clippling hair with a regular clipper, and that they can clipple hair for a fraction of the price.

“I am a hair stylist, and I love hair and I am looking for a hair accessory that can help my clients get the most out of their hair,” the video reads.

“My solution is to make a hair clip that clipples hair with the same precision as a hair comb, and the clippls are 100 percent hair-free.

That is how I create a $20 haircut, and it is the perfect way to get that $20 in Bitcoin.”

While the video does not explain exactly how the hair clip works, the author claims to be able to make it using a piece of fabric, and he is selling it for $60.

The video also claims to show a man with a hairclip on the right hand, with the hair clipped to his scalp and a hair gelled.

“This will make your hair look just as nice as it looks,” the man says, adding that it is a “great product for anyone who wants to make the transition from a comb to a hair curler.”

It is not known how the clipper works, though it is unclear whether the device is a hair clamp or a hair piece.

“If I wanted to make my hair look like it was from a fashion brand, I would not use this,” the author says in the video.

“A clippler is a small, simple device that will clippl your hair, making it look as if you had a hair salon clippled on.”

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube by user Domenic, has received over 2.5 million views and over 4,000 comments in the past week.

Why you need a haircut once in a while

  • June 5, 2021

By Sarah HarrisonThe world of hair care is changing rapidly.

Hair removal and styling is a major trend.

But there are still a few things we still do not know.

So why do some people still need a good, long-lasting haircut every now and then?

Here’s what you need to know about the best and worst haircuts for people.


Don’t shave your head for a hair dayWith a little bit of work, a haircut can be a great way to add style and texture to your face.

But it also comes with risks.

Take a look at this example of a very messy-looking face.

The main concern with shaving your head is that it can lead to a more visible bald spot, which can look a little odd when you’re just a hair away from your friends.

So don’t do it.

If you are going to go for a haircut, it’s best to go with someone you trust, such as a friend or family member.

You can also opt for a different style than is popular in the US. 2.

You don’t need a barber or barber-partnerIf you want to go the extra mile to get the look of a real barber, you might want to check out a barbershop.

But if you don’t want to risk a full-on barbering experience, there are many online services to choose from.

One of them is The Hair Capital.


You need to look good in the mirrorFor the perfect look, your hair needs to be styled properly.

However, sometimes it can be hard to know how to do that in your own home.

That’s where a bar or salon can be of great help.

A barber can help you style your hair in the style of your choice, while a bar is also a great place to pick up some styling tips and ideas.


You will need a friend to help youThere are no two ways about it.

When you are out in public, you should feel safe, so make sure you can talk to a friend with you.

That means going to a bar with a friend who you trust and knows the local area.

There are also lots of websites that offer online barber training, such at

If your friend isn’t local, you can find online barbershops in your area.


You’ll need a lot of suppliesYou’ll need to buy shampoo, conditioner and even a few towels to make sure your hair doesn’t get too tangled.

If, for some reason, you’re not using the shampoo, you’ll need some.

Make sure to use a product that has been tested for the conditioner.

It will help you get your hair looking and feeling its best.


You might want a haircut for other reasonsAnother option is to get a haircut when your friends aren’t around.

The best option, according to some barbers, is to do a hair appointment when your friend is there.

However this is more difficult to do with a full barber.

For the best results, it is best to have your friend come along to your appointment.


The length of your hair is importantThe length of the hair on your head should be at least 6 inches.

It should be straight, but not too short, because it can result in a bald spot.

If it’s too long, you may be able to get away with using your straight, straight bangs to add a little extra definition to your head.


You may need to do some special groomingIf you’re a newbie to barber care, it can feel like there is a lot to learn and practise.

That is where a professional can be helpful.

A professional can help get you comfortable and comfortable, and then give you advice on what style of hair and style of haircut you need.


It’s important to check your hair for cutsAnd finally, the final point is that a good barber doesn’t have to be a barista.

Many barbers have experience and expertise in a variety of other areas, such the styling of pubic hair, hair styling, barber and manicure, hair colouring and styling, or barbers for general purposes.

So if you are looking for a bar to learn from, there’s no reason not to look at a bar.

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