How to dye your hair blue

  • September 23, 2021

HONOLULU — A new trend in the beauty industry has caught the attention of the Honolulu Department of Health and Human Services, which said it has started a hair dye program for children.

In Hawaii, the state health department is taking steps to protect the health of Hawaii residents from hair loss caused by the use of blue ombres, which are widely used to dye hair.

The agency said it is offering a program in the hopes of stopping children from losing their hair due to the use.

HIV and blood-borne diseases are the main culprits in hair loss, and the hair dye can be harmful if it is left in contact with the skin or other parts of the body.

It can also cause skin irritation, a condition called dry-eye, if people drink alcohol or eat certain foods.

If children are exposed to the chemicals, they can develop skin problems.

“Hair loss is the most common cause of skin irritation in children, and we have been trying to protect Hawaii from that,” said Dr. James Mottola, the director of the Division of Hair Loss at the health department.

“We’ve been trying in the past couple of years to develop a way to protect these children from the chemicals in their hair, so they don’t develop dry-eyes, from the chemical exposure that they’re exposed to.”

The health department began testing hair samples of children ages 4 to 12 this year.

There were some problems with the testing, according to Dr. Mottana.

Some children were not given adequate treatment for the problems.

The agency has also noticed that many people were not wearing a hat or a wig at all, and were not getting proper hydration and sunscreen.

Mottola said it’s not clear yet how long the program will last.

As of January 1, the health state had about 2,000 cases of hair loss in the state, according in its website.

But the agency said that was down from more than 50,000 hair loss cases in 2016, which had led to the establishment of a registry that collected hair samples.

Health officials are also working with a hair-loss prevention organization to help families understand how to prevent hair loss and protect themselves.

People who want to donate hair or scalp can do so by visiting the Department of Hair and Face Care in Waikiki, which can help with the process.

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