How to dye your hair

  • September 16, 2021

How to use henna hair coloring: the basics article Hair dye is a natural product that’s been used in the ancient world for thousands of years.

However, it’s only recently that it has been widely available for use as a hair color.

It’s a great way to add a touch of glamour to your looks.

Here are some tips on how to make your hair feel natural.

Read More for the next time you’re out shopping, but before you jump on that henna-fueled hair trend, make sure to read our guide on hair color basics and know your hair’s unique needs.

You can find henna and other products for your hair by visiting the following brands:

The Lad says he doesn’t want to have sex with you

  • September 10, 2021

The Lad’s dad has decided to end his relationship with his wife and children in order to concentrate on the family business.

Read moreThe Lad’s father, Robert, told The Australian he has no desire to have sexual relations with his young children and said he doesn “have no desire” to have a sex life with his children.

“I’m not interested in that lifestyle, I’m not into that lifestyle,” Mr Lad told the ABC.

“We don’t need that lifestyle and it’s not in my blood.

I’ve got nothing against anyone, it’s just my lifestyle.”

The Lad has been on a break from his business in Victoria since June this year and has been staying at a home in the city of Port Hedland, where he lives with his parents and younger siblings.

He has been a part-time employee at the store since June last year.

The Lad says his parents were aware of his recent break, but “didn’t want him to get involved in any sexual activity”.

Mr Lad said he has not had sex with his two sons, aged two and five, but the older son has “come close”.

“I was very close to him [the older son] a few times but then it got to the point where it became like, you know, he doesn-you know-you’re-going-to-have-to go away,” Mr Lerad said.

“So I’m very, very worried that he may be attracted to the fact I’m gone and he’s not going to be able to maintain contact with me.”

That would be very unhealthy.

“Mr Lad’s family, who include his wife, mother-in-law and stepfather, have also decided to leave their home in Victoria to be closer to their business.

Mr Lad told ABC Radio Melbourne the family was happy with their decision.”

Topics:family-and-children,family,health,family-organisations,community-and/or-society,home-and,maroochydore-4558,vic,melbourne-3000More stories from Victoria”

We’ve been through a lot together, I know the kids are very much in our debt and we want to get back to our roots.”

Topics:family-and-children,family,health,family-organisations,community-and/or-society,home-and,maroochydore-4558,vic,melbourne-3000More stories from Victoria

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