How to make your own glittery hair

  • October 8, 2021

A woman in Sydney’s inner-west says she’s been “overwhelmed” by the variety of glittery hairstyles being made in Australia, including the creation of a wig with an “awesome” red-haired head.

In a Facebook post from late August, Sarah Bier, 30, from Coffs Harbour, told ABC News she was visiting a friend’s house when she noticed glittery strands sprouting on her hair and the “glam” of her face.

“We had a couple of friends who had their hair dyed the red, but I had it done and I saw it on everyone else’s and it’s not that uncommon,” Ms Bier said.

“My friend was really excited and she said, ‘I have the same thing, you’re too beautiful to get rid of’.”

Ms Bier says she has spent hundreds of dollars on wig dyeing, waxing, styling and styling products and the salon she is currently attending has a “pretty extensive” range of hair dyeing products.

“I was really amazed to see the hair colouring, the colour, the length, the width, the height, the texture, the consistency, the color and the intensity,” she said.

Ms Biers also has an “extreme” style for her hair, which is a “faux blonde” style with long, long strands, which she says “isn’t really flattering” and is “not the type of look I like”.

“I don’t have much experience with the wig dye, but the wig I had that was dyed really, really long is a wig dyed with a hair dye and there is no hair to hide,” she added.

“The hair is dyed, it’s dyed and it dries in between each dye.”

There’s no natural hair to go into the wig.

I don’t think I’ll ever have to buy anything else in my life.”‘

It’s just like Christmas’After being so excited about the glittery haircuts Ms Biers had made at the salon, Ms Biere says she was “overwhelmingly shocked” by how much more people were dressing up as Christmas characters.”

It’s not something that I’ve ever really been in a relationship where I’ve had to go through this level of stuff and it just makes me really nervous because I’m not sure what will happen if it happens again,” she explained.”

Christmas is such a special time and the last thing I want is it to turn into a nightmare.

“Just be yourself.”‘

People can’t believe I’m getting dressed as a Christmas character’Ms Biere said she was shocked to learn some people were dressed as Santa and said people were “freaking out” and dressing up like “Christmas characters”.

“They can’t understand it, they just want to dress up as Santa,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne’s The Weekend Show.

“You’re just like, ‘Oh, it was just me, I’m wearing a Santa suit’.”

“They’re just not really aware that Christmas is just a time to be yourself and to show off and they want to be themselves.”

They just want the most ridiculous thing.

“The salon owner, who does not want her full name used, says the idea of dressing up in a Santa outfit is “a little bit crazy” but that she has a positive attitude about it.”

Everyone is getting dressed up as characters,” she admitted.”

So it’s a little bit weird, but it’s like Christmas.

It’s not the time to get dressed up.

It can be a little stressful for the person wearing it.

But if they like it, it can be great fun for them.

“The ABC contacted The Shimmer Shop for comment.


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