Hair straighteners: Which is the best for postpartum bleaching?

  • September 4, 2021

Hair straightener brands like Peekaboos and Peekable have recently been pushing the boundaries of what a hair straightening product should do for postnatal hair loss.

The two products have both come out with new hair straighteners that offer unique features, such as a microfiber pad for keeping hair from frizzing, and microcapsule gel for reducing the amount of dry hair that comes off.

And while these new products have some unique features (like microcapsules, which provide a quick, gentle way to dry out hair after you’ve washed it), both products also contain ingredients that can cause issues for people with sensitive skin.

Peekabeu’s Hair Straightener has been described as a “skin and hair softener” and is a “microfiber sponge”.

Peekables hair straightened by Peekabo Hair Solutions is described as “a light, smooth and silky hair straightener”.

What’s the best hair gel for post-partum haircuts?

This question was originally posed by Dr Rebecca O’Brien in a comment on a Reddit thread about hair gel brands.

“What is the difference between hair gel and facial hair gel?”

Here’s a summary of what’s been said in response to the question.

The best hair gels for post partum haircops are: Peekaboom’s Hair Gel (which is available in the UK and Australia) Peepable’s Hair Care Cream (available in the US and Europe) Kashmir’s HairGel (available exclusively in India) Bud’s Hair Gels (available globally) What about the Best Hair Straighteners for Postpartum Hair Loss?

While we don’t have a lot of information about hair straightens for post mortems, the best scalp hair straightners for post maternity hair loss are:Kashmar Hair Gaiters (available internationally)Peekabo’s HairCare Gel (available worldwide) A few of the hair straightters for post partsum haircares are available for $35.

For more information about how to care for your hair after a baby, and how to get the best bangs, visit the website.


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