Why you should love the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ movie’s new trailer

  • August 8, 2021

The Beauty and the Beasts movie is the first of a new trilogy, but it is also the first in a new era.

There is a lot to love.

There are the new cast members, who play both the humans and the beast; and the new monsters, such as the Bearded Beast, which was introduced in the last film.

Plus, the movie has been filmed in 3D, which means there is a greater sense of presence in the scenes, especially when the creature is seen from the back.

All in all, it’s a wonderful movie.

It’s one that fans will want to see again.

But there are a few things to note about this latest installment.

For starters, the trailer shows a lot more of the forest and its inhabitants, while the last trailer showed a more open-ended story, which has been criticized by some fans for the lack of character development.

There also appears to be more CGI in the trailer, with a new monster, which will be more detailed in future trailers.

But the most notable difference between the trailers is the trailer’s visual style, which is more reminiscent of a Pixar film.

In fact, it looks like an animated short film, which Pixar does every once in a while.

There’s even a little more music, but the music in the new trailer is far less colorful than in the old one.

There have been plenty of rumors about this new trailer’s color scheme, so let’s break it down.

It looks like a Pixar short film.

The trailer was made in 3-D.

The creature, the Beards Beast, was introduced at the end of the last movie.

The new trailer features a very detailed CGI behemoth that looks a lot like a big tree, a behemoth with a large, round head and a red eyes and a beak that look a lot alike to the Beard Beast from the last installment.

(It also seems like the new monster has a new color scheme and a different pose.)

The forest is also much more open and open, with new vegetation and new flora that are much more vibrant and more interactive.

(You can see more of this forest in the first trailer.)

There’s a new soundtrack.

There isn’t one, but there is an orchestra playing the Bearding Beast theme song, which plays at the beginning of each new trailer.

The soundtrack is a mix of different styles, and the soundtrack in this trailer is very much the “old-school” Disney music.

It sounds very much like the original score, but with a different beat and instrumentation.

The movie also features a new villain, which we’ll get to in a minute.

The Bearded Beasts new monster is named the Beardless Beast, and it looks a bit like the Beast in “Beauty And The Beast” (the Beast is more of a monster of nature, rather than the beast-man, and so he’s more of an evil villain).

He’s also voiced by Bill Hader, who plays Beast in the Disney animated series “The Lion King.”

And it’s not the only new monster introduced in this new “Beauties” trailer.

There will be a new Bearded Monster and a new Beast in another trailer.

This new trailer also features some new dialogue from Emma Watson, who has been cast as the new lead.

She’s playing a witch named Maleficent.

She was originally played by Idris Elba in the film “Beautys.”

Emma Watson plays Maleficient, the new witch who is also an evil witch.

She is played by Emma Watson and Ben Foster.

The “Beautie” trailer is in theaters now.

And if you’re looking for some other good “Beautytale” news, be sure to check out our article about the movie’s “Beautiful Creatures” video, which shows the Beasts Bearded Bearded creatures.

And now, a closer look at “Beautity” in the next section.

Beauty and The Beast Movie: ‘Beautity and the Beaters’ New Trailer


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