What to know about blue hair

  • July 23, 2021

Blue hair is a popular hair color for men, with more than 20 percent of women claiming to have it.

But it’s a very controversial color. 

How blue is blue? 

There are two main definitions for blue hair.

One is that it’s white or blue.

The other is that a hair color is light-blue or dark-blue, depending on how it is produced.

The term blue hair comes from the Greek word for white, kathrynia, which means “white” or “black.” 

How does blue hair get its name? 

Blue hair can be found in any breed of cat, but most commonly in white or black cats.

What are the different colors of blue hair? 

The two most popular types of blue-haired cats are the Dachshund and the Labrador Retriever. 

The Dachsund has a black body and blue-gray hair that is slightly curly.

The Labrador Retrievers has a white body and a blue-green hair that has longer, thicker strands.

The Dac-Katsi breed is very similar to the Dac, but it’s slightly darker in color.

There are also other breeds that have blue-white hair. 

Blue-haired dogs are also known as blue-colored dogs, but they have black, red, and white markings on their coats. 

Where do blue-hair dogs come from? 

Most of the blue-headed dogs have dark-colored coat coloration.

However, some breeds have blue hair on their legs, but not on their heads.

Why are there different shades of blue?

The most popular blue-head colors are blue and green.

Some colors in the blue range are more intense than others.

For example, a light-brown color is very common in the Dabashan and Dachshean breeds, while a dark-brown is more common in many other breeds. 

Can blue hair be dangerous? 

Some people who have blue eyes and blue hair claim that it can cause the eye disease blue cataracts. 

Are there different types of black hair?

Black hair is not a real hair color.

However it is not unheard of to see it in some animals, especially cats. 

What is the difference between blue-and-black hair and white hair?

White hair is generally lighter in color and has more curls, while blue hair is more intense and more colored.

Who can be affected by blue hair, blue eyes, or black hair that isn’t blue?

If you have blue, blue-black or blue-eyed eyes, you may have blue catarsis, a condition in which the eyelashes are pulled back and the irises turn yellow. 

Should I stop using a color or two from a breed that is blue- or black-haired? 


If you are using a breed from the blue family that has a hair that you cannot handle, stop using it.

This includes black, brown, and blue eyes.

It also includes the Dakshun and Dac. 

If your cat has blue hair and is getting red eyes or black eyes, it’s probably time to give up the breed altogether.


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