‘I’m a girl, I can do this’: Teen’s ‘self-esteem-boosting’ haircut inspires ‘selfie’

  • July 19, 2021

A 12-year-old from New Jersey is taking selfies and Instagramming in public in the hopes of earning more attention for her short hair.

The girl is a member of a popular Instagram account called @pierres_pierre, which has more than 1 million followers.

The Instagram photo of her is a selfie taken in front of a white house in Washington, D.C. The caption reads: I’m a Girl, I Can Do This.

The selfie is now the second-most-viewed post on the account, and has garnered nearly a million views.

The photo has been shared more than 4,500 times, which is more than any other photo of the girl’s hair in the account’s history.

Her Instagram photo has also been shared nearly 2 million times.

In the photo, the girl is wearing a light pink blouse with a cut-out in the front.

“I’m not wearing any makeup, just a few short waves of hair,” the girl said in an Instagram video.

“My hair is just so pretty and I love it so much!”

The girl’s mom told WUSA9 that her daughter is a good girl, and that she was inspired by a group of young girls who posted photos of themselves with the hashtag #pierrepierre.

“Her self-esteem is up,” said her mom, who said she has noticed that her little girl has become more confident in her hair since she started using the hashtag.

“She’s also more self-aware, which makes her feel better about herself.”

The Instagram account, which goes by @piers_piers, has been active since 2014.

In April, the account received over 1.5 million likes and more than 5,000 comments.

In May, a member posted a selfie with a blonde hairpiece with the caption: #PierrepiersPierre #hair.

“There’s a whole generation of girls who are looking to do what she did,” said Piers Pierre, the photographer behind the account.

“This is their opportunity to show that they can do it, and she’s doing it.”

Pierre said the hashtag has helped the account grow beyond its initial small, one-person group of girls.

“We’ve definitely seen a lot of growth in the last few months,” she said.

“It’s just a testament to the power of the #pierspierr Instagram account.”

For the last two months, the #PiersPiers hashtag has been used by a number of young women in the U.S. who have posted pictures of themselves on social media with the #cutie tag.

The hashtag has also inspired a number a men to post selfies with their daughters, with the men calling themselves “Pierrs,” a term that describes a younger generation of American women who are more self conscious and more self confident.

In addition to Pierre’s Instagram account and other Instagram accounts, the hashtag is being used by young women around the country, including one of the youngest women ever to make the U, S. Open Ladies golf tour, who recently posted a photo of herself with a haircut and a short skirt on Instagram.

“You can do anything with your hair,” said Tiffany Smith, 17, of South Bend, Ind.

“The beauty in my hair is so long, and I have the perfect length.

It’s a part of my personality.

I just love my hair.”

Smith is one of thousands of young Americans who are participating in the #cuttingie movement, which aims to make cutting hair less socially awkward and more socially accepted.

“Growing up, you were taught that you were supposed to look like a girl.

That was your natural self,” Smith said.

Smith said she wanted to be a part to change that, and to help change the social expectations around hair.

“Now, we’re looking at how to be the best, the brightest, and the most beautiful women we can be, and what that means to be who we want to be.”


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