Why Donald Trump is so popular with women

  • June 16, 2021

Donald Trump has been praised for his ability to charm, charm, and charm his way through women.

But now that the Republican presidential nominee is facing allegations of sexual misconduct, his popularity with women has been challenged.

A new HuffPost/YouGov poll finds that while a majority of Americans say they are in favor of Mr. Trump not being a presidential candidate, only 29% of women say the same.

While Mr. Brown is still popular with men, his numbers are dropping as well.

His approval rating is now 38% among men, compared to 36% among women.

While he is the Republican nominee, his approval rating has plummeted, dropping from 53% to 35% among Republican men.

He is also not popular with Democrats.

He has dropped from a high of 43% to 27% among Democrats.

In a recent poll, 46% of Democrats and 55% of independents said they were not comfortable with Mr. Biden, the Democratic vice presidential candidate.

And, the poll found that only 26% of Americans are comfortable with Trump.

While a majority say they trust Mr. Pence, only 26%, according to the poll, trust Mr Trump.

In the first-ever YouGov survey, Americans were asked to rate the candidate and the country’s first female president.

In addition to Mr. Johnson, Mr. Clinton and Mr. Kaine were rated as highly by voters, with 49% and 41% respectively.

The poll found Mr. Sanders has the support of more women, but it is not clear whether that is because more women say they have seen Mr.

Sanders during his run for president, or because more men say they voted for him.


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