The Republican Party Must Stop Trying to Win Over the Younger Voters

  • June 16, 2021

The GOP is losing young voters, and the problem goes beyond their declining support for the party.

It goes beyond what they’re hearing from their leaders on the stump and what they are seeing in their neighborhoods.

And it goes beyond the fact that the party has not addressed the real problems facing the country.

Republicans have not offered a coherent plan to address these challenges.

Instead, they’ve used the GOP’s traditional rhetoric to attack those who disagree with them and to scapegoat minorities, immigrants, and women.

Republicans are doing this in order to make the voters they’re supposed to be representing feel as if they’re wronged, or that their problems aren’t real.

And the party’s political consultants are doing it as well.

That’s why Republican strategists, consultants, and policy wonks are calling for a “New Deal” approach to politics that will actually deliver on the promises they’ve made to young voters.

It’s why they’re pushing for new taxes on the wealthy and large corporations, cutting Medicaid and Medicare, defunding Planned Parenthood, and creating a tax on foreign aid.

The problem is that there is no coherent strategy to win back young voters and to do that, the GOP has to go back to basics.

If it wants to win the future of its voters, it must stop playing to its base and get down to basics, say GOP strategist John Feehery and political consultant Ed Rollins.

That means a focus on getting young people back to the polls and making sure that the GOP is able to unite voters behind a vision for the country and to make it real for them.

In a party where young voters have long been the backbone of the Republican coalition, the Republican Party’s failure to make that commitment is making it all the more important for it to win over a new generation of voters.

“There’s a big disconnect between what the young people are saying to us, what they’ve been telling us,” said Rollins.

“I think that’s where we’re missing the opportunity here to win them back.”

But the Republican strategy to turn young voters back to politics isn’t the only way it’s failed.

The party’s focus on immigration and the economy has also contributed to its continued lagging among younger voters.

The Republican platform calls for the wall to be built along the southern border, yet young voters are increasingly saying they don’t want the wall.

In addition, GOP strategists have tried to portray Democrats as hostile to young people by saying that they would deport immigrants who are here illegally.

The GOP’s failure has contributed to this problem.

And that’s why Republicans have tried desperately to appeal to the young voters they are losing, using a message of “make America great again” in a campaign that has failed to make any of its promises, according to Feehero.

It also contributes to the problem that many young people feel alienated by their party and the policies it’s supporting.

“The Republican Party is not going to win with young voters,” Feeher.

“We’ve got to be honest about this.

And what we’re seeing is that we’ve been trying to do this for 20 years.

It hasn’t worked, and we’ve got a choice to make.”

But while Republicans are not doing enough to win support for their policy agenda, they are doing enough with their rhetoric to appeal, and they need to learn from what worked and what didn’t work so that they can do better in the future.

It takes the right policies and a willingness to tackle the real issues facing young people to help them understand that.

The “Make America Great Again” Strategy: The GOP Needs to Get Back to Basics The Republican party has a lot of ground to cover in the next election.

But it doesn’t have a plan to win on any of the issues that young people care about.

The Democratic Party is in a much better position.

It is focused on building an economy that is good for everyone, while also offering the best possible deal for Americans.

The economy has been growing for years, and young people have embraced that economic progress, and so the party is focused.

It has a long track record of working with the middle class and working to make our communities more affordable and welcoming.

But young voters aren’t the problem.

They are the solution.

The real problem is the Republican party.

That problem is one of the following: Lack of leadership and focus.

Republicans haven’t done a good job of explaining to young Americans that they have a lot to gain from the party and that they will make big changes if they choose to join it.

That hasn’t been enough.

Republicans can’t do that if they don.

Instead of talking about the economy, Republicans have focused on immigration.

They’ve tried to turn the conversation away from the problems facing young Americans to focusing on the Republicans’ immigration policies.

They’re trying to make young voters feel like they are not really part of the party, even though they’ve had a lot invested in it for decades.

Instead they’re trying take away their opportunity to vote and


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