How to keep your hair straight

  • June 16, 2021

When your hair is thinning out and looking more like a hair bowl, you might be thinking about the problem of frizzy hair.

That’s not your fault, says Heather Faraone, an associate professor of hair care at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

You just need to be aware of the things you can do to help keep your locks straight.

Faraon says it can be a good idea to wear thick, long, wavy hair straighteners for a few months to help control frizz and frizz buildup.

Then, once you’re back to the regular cut, you can use a thicker hair straightening product to make sure your curls stay straight and your hair doesn’t get too thin.

If your hair looks too thick and frizzy, you’ll want to consider a hair thinning product that has less frizz.

To keep your curls and curls of hair from becoming thin, you also want to use hair thinners to thin out your hair.

If you do decide to try thinning hair straightners, be sure to use a product that doesn’t contain the chemical thickeners commonly found in hair products.

If the thinning agent is irritating your scalp, avoid using it for more than a few weeks.

Hair thinners also can help you control frizzy and thinning curls.

If it’s possible to get a thinning treatment in the first place, it might be a bad idea to use thinning products after a certain point, Faraoni says.

You might not be able to find a product like this, so don’t put it in your hair before it’s been used to thin your hair for several months.

For thinner hair, Feraone says you can buy a thickening product that is made with natural ingredients.

For thicker hair, you should look for a product with a higher pH value to help your hair stay pliable.

For more information on hair care, see our hair care section.


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