How to ‘keep it simple’ on your skin care routine

  • June 7, 2021

The Hill’s editorial board calls on us to “keep it basic” with our skin care routines.

The Hill’s new beauty advice columnist, Elizabeth B. Sanger, explains how to “pivot” your routine to minimize your skin’s aging process.

“In our world, beauty has been so focused on the individual,” Sanger wrote in her new book, “Simple Beauty: How to Look Younger, Feel More Comfortable and Have More Success.”

“We’ve lost track of what makes us unique, who we are, and how we’re all related to each other.

Beauty is not a process of individualization, but a universal human need.”

The beauty advice in the book was penned by Sanger herself.

The New York Times described the book as “a collection of personal essays and aphorisms,” which includes “a love letter to the human body.”

“Beauty isn’t just a state of mind,” she wrote.

“It’s a state within a state.”

“If you have an issue with your skin, it’s because you have too much oil, or too much moisturizer, or you’ve got too many pores, or that you’ve gone too long without a moisturizer,” Sizer wrote.

“If I see a woman with a really deep, deep-pore acne on her forehead, I don’t want to make a cosmetic treatment.

I want to help her see what she’s doing wrong.”

Sanger explained in an interview that it’s important to avoid looking for the cause of your skin issues.

“For women who are experiencing acne, there are so many things that could be contributing to it, and that can be very scary,” she said.

“We need to recognize that acne is a disease.

It’s not just the skin that’s inflamed.”

Sangler said the book will also help women understand the importance of hydration, as well as the importance for using a skin cream and moisturizer as well.

“We want to empower women to see their skin in a different light,” she added.

“I think it’s really important that people look at skin differently, and the more we’re able to do that, the better off we’ll all be.”


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