Aussie couple’s honeymoon in Hawaii ends in tragedy

  • June 21, 2021

The long layered hairstyle worn by Australian couple Alex and Rachel Witherspoon may have ended in tragedy, but it also brought them happiness.

The Australian couple was on their honeymoon to Hawaii with their two children when they decided to get a haircut on Thursday evening, their Facebook post said.

“We are just really happy to have our hair done, and I thought we would take our time with it.

We have had a long time of planning and waiting for this to happen,” the post said, adding they were looking forward to the “pretty” haircut they had chosen for their wedding day.”

My husband and I were planning to take a long hairstyle with us on our honeymoon, but we had already decided that it was going to be longer.”

So when we got the news that our hair was being cut, we thought it would be nice to get this done, to give us something that would be really special.

“The post went on to say that the couple was in Hawaii for the wedding and that they were “truly in love” with their hairstyle.”

This is really, really special for us,” the couple said.

The couple were looking for a hairstyle that was longer, and their choice of hair style came from the “very famous” Robert Burns, who was known for his long, layered hair.

A spokesman for the Burns family told the ABC that they would not comment on the details of the couple’s wedding day because the couple did not want to comment on what was happening.

But the Burns Family’s spokesman did confirm that the family was looking forward for a long, long hairstyles wedding.”

The Burns family is delighted to share the incredible memories and memories of the Burns & Witherstone, and to share with you the story of how they were chosen for a beautiful wedding that has touched many lives, including our own,” the Burns spokesperson said.

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